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10 places to visit in Capri

Tourist Itinerary in Capri: where to go and what to see in 1, 2, 3 or 4 days.

Capri, Italy

Capri is the blue island in the gulf of Naples and is a wonderful place for a luxury vacation. will reveal the secret of how to enjoy a holiday in Capri without spending a lot of money but also visiting all the most beautiful places.

Capri is close to Naples and Sorrento. It lies in an optimal geographical position and is the perfect place to take a holiday for a day or a week. Visit the best places on the island, from the legendary Faraglioni to the Grotta Azzurra, from the famous Piazzetta to the villa of the Emperor Tiberius and fully enjoy its beauty.

The island of Capri has been famous all over the world since the time of the Roman Emperors. The climate here makes it suitable for a seaside vacation as it rains very infrequently on the island and the climate is mild and sweet. It is an excellent holiday option for people suffering from respiratory tract illnesses. The clean air and the large amount of green spaces will have a beneficial effect on health. At the bottom of the page you will find the map of the island.

The Amalfi Coast is located near Capri and is described on the page: “10 places worth a visit on the Amalfi Coast”.

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The Faraglioni of Capri


The Faraglioni are enormous rocks that emerge from the depths of the sea. It is the most famous and interesting feature on the island of Capri, so much so that it has become its symbol. The Faraglioni are just off the coast of Capri towering above the sea like three huge rocks plunging into the blue water. It is possible to reach them by boat.

Faraglioni in Capri, Italy
Faraglioni in Capri

The highest cliff is 109 meters / 358 ft., the middle one is 104 meters / 341 ft. and the shortest one is 81 meters / 266 ft. high. The middle rock has its own natural grotto formed by the action of nature’s elements. It can be visited by boat. The name “Faraglioni” derives from the Greek “Faros” (fire) and is linked to the fact that bonfires were lit here to show the way to sailors.

It is interesting to note that each of the Faraglioni has its own name. The one nearest the mainland is called Saetta the middle one is Stella and the farthest Scopolo. The rare blue lizard lives on Scopolo and, thanks to the long period of isolation and camouflage, it has acquired a unique color of blue. This lizard also lives on the top of Monte Solaro.

The Blue Grotto on the island of Capri


This famous grotto of Capri has been known since the times of the Roman emperor Tiberius who commissioned the building of a passage from his villa to the grotto to swim there.

Blue Grotto on Capri island, Italy
Blue Grotto on Capri island

The fame and the name derive from the incredible blue color of the water inside: when the weather is good, you have the impression that the sea is illuminated by an underwater light and you can even see silver fish swimming below.

The entrance to the grotto is at an average height of about one meter / 3 ft. To enter without hindrance, you have to lie on the bottom of the boat. Only small boats that can accommodate up to four people are used. In peak season, you may have to wait up to an hour or more in a queue before being able to enter. We therefore recommend that you bring a hat, sun screen and water. The excursion does not last very long, only five minutes, and it is forbidden to swim or dive inside the grotto.

How to get there: from Anacapri take the bus from the center down to the port (every 15 minutes); the boats depart from Marina Grande.

Opening times: every day from 9 am to 5 pm., but only during nice weather.

How much does it cost? 14 euro for one entry. It’s best to book a tour so you don’t wait in the queue for a couple of hours.

Monte Solaro in Capri


Monte Solaro is a mountain on the island of Capri, 589 meters / 1932 ft. high. It is a legendary place from where you can enjoy not only a marvelous view over the island, but you can also see Naples and Salerno, visible across the immense blue sea.

View from the mountain Solaro in Capri, Italy
View from the mountain Solaro in Capri

It is the place favored by many species of birds that come to nest here, among which the peregrine falcon, a predator of the falcon family. The typical Mediterranean flora and fauna are also noteworthy.

The best period for an excursion on Monte Solaro is in spring, when the air is filled with the intoxicating fragrance of freesias and wisteria.

You can get to Monte Solaro by chairlift from the bus stop on Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri. If you walk it takes about an hour and a half and starts from the center of Anacapri. The best time for doing this walk is from April to September.

Opening times: the chairlift operates every day from 9.30 am to 5 pm (until 3.30 pm in winter).

How much does it cost? Walking is free; the chairlift costs €8 / $9.20 or €11 / $13 for the round trip.

Piazza Umberto I in Capri


Piazza Umberto I is the heart of the island of Capri, where the main events of the worldly life of luxury are played out. The world knows this little square as La Piazzetta of Capri.

Piazza Umberto I in Capri, Italy
Piazza Umberto I in Capri

You can stop here for a coffee, chat with other tourists or enjoy the breathtaking view.

Until the end of the last century, there were market stalls on the piazzetta of Capri, whereas today it is the symbol of island life under the banner of luxury, where inhabitants and tourists flock to the tables of the bars.

Two main streets along which you can visit Capri depart from the Piazza. One of these is Via Camerelle, Capri’s shopping street lined with boutiques offering the best brands in the world. Don’t miss the Ignazio Cerio Capri Center, a small museum not far from here that houses more than 20,000 archaeological and natural artifacts that tell the history of the island.



From the slopes of Monte Solaro, in only 15 minutes by bus from the Piazzetta of Capri, you will arrive in Anacapri, the largest locality of the island. There are many streets and alleys here leading to several squares, beaches and historic places.

Anacapri, Italy

There is also a chair lift that goes to the summit of Monte Solaro and if you take the Via Pagliaro you can reach the famous Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto). If you love uncontaminated nature and want to enjoy the sunset, we suggest you go to Punta Carena and the lighthouse (il Faro) which is famous throughout the world, second in size in Italy after the lighthouse of Genoa.

One of the most beautiful and typical churches in the Neapolitan baroque style is the Church of San Michele in Anacapri. The floor of the church is paved in tiles which reproduce the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the the Garden of Eden. Another place not to be missed is the Casa Rossa, former residence of John MacKowen, a famous American colonel. Currently, it is home to a permanent exhibition of paintings that depict the island, painted between the XIX and XX centuries, and a huge collection of archaeological finds.

Villa Jovis in Capri


Villa Jovis is a palace which the Roman Emperor Tiberius dedicated to Jupiter. This fine example of Roman architecture in the Mediterranean is very well preserved.

Villa Jovis is not only the famous residence of the Emperor in Capri, but also one of the largest villas in the world covering an area of 7 square km (2.7 sq. miles). It is located on the head of Capri.

You will find a dream-like atmosphere here with a view to the following famous places:

  • The volcanic island of Ischia
  • The town of Procida
  • The gulf of Salerno
  • The Cilento coast
The Villa was built in the first century BC and the Emperor lived here for 12 years, managing the entire Roman Empire from the island.

Today it is possible to visit the ruins of the villa: there are large tanks for rain water in the center, surrounded by a series of rooms intended for use by the emperor, his army and the slaves. There is also the throne room. The villa was destroyed during the reign of the Bourbons, but in 1932, thanks to the efforts of the Director of the Amadeo Mauri Archeological Museum, it was restored and completely renovated.

The beaches of Capri


Capri is a rocky island and you will not find large sandy beaches here, but rather many rocky inlets and platforms which allow access to the amazing clear, turquoise green water, so clear you can see the bottom of the sea. In Capri there are both public and private beaches, the latter equipped with showers and beach umbrellas, and bars and restaurants at your disposal.

The beach on the island of Capri, Italy
The beach on the island of Capri

The largest beach on the island is near the port, Marina Grande, where there is a rocky grotto that has a view over the blue sea. The beach is located a few minutes from the harbor where the boats dock. One half of the beaches offer services such as a bar, rental of deckchairs and sun umbrellas, while the other half is free. On the opposite side of the island there is another beach, Marina Piccola, reachable on foot through the center of the village or by bus. Here too there is both a public beach and one equipped with all amenities. The beaches most frequented by the locals and tourists alike are the small pebbly coves.

Anyone who loves watching the sunset must not miss the opportunity to see one from the Faro (lighthouse) and you can see the sun dive into the sea in a unique way.

Tour around the island of Capri


An excellent option that allows you to see the entire island of Capri is to book a sightseeing trip around the island by boat. You can find companies that offer these excursions at the port of Marina Grande.

Tour around the island of Capri, Italy
Tour around the island of Capri

Departures are very frequent, and you can choose a tour lasting one or two hours. Normally, the tour includes a stop at the Grotta Azzurra for those who wish to visit it (the ticket for entrance to the Grotto is paid separately).

The excursion around the island leaves from Marina Grande and travels along the very beautiful coastline. The boat will also touch the most important places like Villa Jovis and the Faraglioni rocks. Then the trip continues past the Marina Piccola: in this part of the coast there are numerous grottos and closed coves such as the Grotta Verde that owes its name to the emerald color. The tour goes in a clockwise direction toward the Faro and the hidden side of Capri. This is also the area where you will find the Grotta Azzurra.

Where can I find it? The boats for excursions are located in the port of Marina Grande (where the ferries also dock);

Hours of operation: every day from 9 am to 5 pm (if the weather conditions are good);

How much does it cost? 18 Euro, discounts for groups.

What to eat in Capri?


You can’t talk of Capri without mentioning the gastronomic specialties of the island. A popular dish is the Caprese, a salad made with mozzarella, tomato, olive oil, salt, oregano and basil.

Ravioli of the Island of Capri, Italy
Ravioli of the Island of Capri

It is a simple dish but at the same time is also unique and famous throughout the world. The secret lies in the simplicity and above all in the aromatic and tasty ingredients which are also used in other dishes of the local cuisine. The Caprese can serve as a starter or main course. As a starter or first course you can also try:

  • Homemade Caprese ravioli with ricotta and marjoram
  • Linguine pasta with fish

Fish is very popular as a main course, as are shellfish and seafood. Try the squid with potatoes and mussel soup too. For dessert you can sample the typical torta caprese, which has a special taste from the ingredients of almonds and cocoa, and the Limoncello liqueur made from lemons and served in a chilled glass.

Where to sleep in Capri?


Capri is not an island for all pockets, but despite the prices you will always find it full of tourists; booking a hotel for the night is always rather complicated. To save money, take a look at the prices in Sorrento. The island can be reached in about twenty minutes by hydrofoil.

The easiest way to find a place to sleep at a reasonable price is to go there out of season when the island offers accommodation in hotels and B&Bs at affordable prices. It is obvious that in peak season prices for the rooms in the large luxury hotels are nothing short of shocking. The hotel prices depend on its location and proximity to the main places on the island (La Piazzetta, the shopping streets), and there is a lot on offer at reasonable prices. The minimum cost for a double room with breakfast included is 90 Euro per night.

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